Saint Therese Advocates Family Faith Formation


Our Faith Formation program is designed around family classes called STAFFF meetings (Saint Therese Advocates Family Faith Formation — don’t forget that third “F !”). These classes are open to everyone (young, senior, families, singles). You do not have to have a child to participate with us. We are all family here.

We, here in the Faith Formation Office at Saint Therese, want to emphasize a few key points. We feel privileged to join you and your families in this faith journey. You are the most important influence in the faith-life of your children. We intend to assist you in this mission, and to offer ideas, resources, and experiences that will empower you in this mission.

STAFFF meetings offer you as parents a chance to journey with and be supported by other parents. It gives families a shared faith language and shared faith experiences, as we focus on the same themes, doctrinal lessons, and prayers and practices of our faith. It also gives your children the opportunity to see us “being Church together,” as you join them at Mass, and again for faith formation.

Feel free to e-mail Maura with any and all questions at

When is STAFFF held?

STAFFF meetings are scheduled each month, on Friday evenings, Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings. Each session can accommodate more than 200 people.   Please watch the bulletin for specific dates.

We thank you very much for taking the time to truly care about your child's Faith Formation. The following site is very important when teaching your children the lessons in between each STAFFF meeting.

There is a ton of great information and games provided as well as lesson plans. These lesson plans are really easy to follow. If at any time you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the STAFFF Office. (don't forget the 3rd F in STAFFF)


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